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Poetry Writing Apps

Poetry Writing Apps

Do your children struggle with writing poems? Here is a wonderful solution for you!

According to CAPS, learners must be able to write poetry. Not only in their home language, but also in additional languages. Learners often struggle with the idea of writing a poem since they are intimidated by the idea of poetry and also because they think they “are not creative.”

By giving learners a structure to write poems with, they are more likely to succeed. Gone is the idea that a poem is a stanza that consists out of a few rhyming lines!

Here are the amazing apps (available on Android and iTunes):

1. Acrostic Poems 
Write poems that start uses a word (and each letter of the word) to write a poem. Such as the following:
P: Please help me to get
O: over my awful fear of
E: extracting words from
M: my brain.

2. Haiku
The app guides learners through the steps of writing a Haiku and gives you an awesome opportunity at the end to either save or e-mail the haiku.

This is a quick example I made on the app. Happy haiku writing y’all!



3. Diamante Poems
Learn and be guided how to make these wonderful diamond shaped poems. I guess these diamonds will also be forever once your learners find their hidden poetry writing talents after using this app!

4. Theme Poems
This app is really wonderful. You can create apps based on different themes such as Nature, School, Sports, Celebrations and Shapes. It creates the poem in the specified shape and you can print it or email it when done. Such fun!

5. Word Mover
Word Mover is my absolute favourite. See, I kept the best for last here!
You can use your own words or use ‘Famous Works’ to shuffle words around and create your own poem. Think of those fun fridge words. Now think of it on your iPad as a printable poem. Wonderful!

These apps can definitely be used for other languages. The Diamante poem App works especially well since it gives learners such a good framework to create a poem. In Afrikaans the ‘-ing’ words will be ‘Deelwoorde’. When using these apps learners also constantly revise their Parts of Speech.

Go on, what are you waiting for? Download them now!
iOs: International Reading Association

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